Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MYBOX Infinity is a one-stop-shop platform for online shoppers and e-commerce websites alike. Online shoppers will be able to purchase all their needed items from the best e-commerce websites with competitive prices and complete their orders with few clicks on the same platform. On the other hand; e-commerce websites will be able to reach and engage with shoppers through our strong network which will help them boost their business.
The service will only be available for MYBOX customers who will be able to join and sign in with their MYBOX accounts to start an unforgettable experience of online shopping. If you would like to benefit from the service all you have to do is to click on create your account and you will be directed to the website of MYBOX to sign up. Or you can visit to sign up and create your account and then sign in to MYBOX Infinity using your credentials.
E-commerce websites are welcome to join our network to connect and engage with shoppers. What you have to do to be a part of MYBOX Infinity is to go to the Vendor section and create an account with the details of your business and our team will be in contact with you to move forward with the process.
Online shoppers will be able to find all their favorite items from different e-commerce websites in one platform which will save time and effort and make their online shopping experience smoother and more convenient. E-commerce websites on the other hand will be able to connect with a big number of online shoppers from all over the world to showcase their items and products which will help them boost their business.
Before you start enjoying this service, please make sure that you are aware of the below: - Online shoppers have to have MYBOX account to be able to sign in to MYBOX Infinity - This is an online shopping platform where customers can get more than one item for more than one website at the same time and MYBOX can ship them to their doorstep - It is possible to shop more than one item even from different websites.
There are no limitations on the websites nor the items that you can buy from MYBOX Infinity. The customer will be able to find multiple types of websites and products which can enrich his experience.
The service will be free of charge and MYBOX customers can benefit from it to start their special online shopping experience.
You can cancel your order from the cart as long as it is not placed yet.